Saarde Hand Sanitiser 300ml

Saarde Hand Sanitiser 300ml

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80% ALC/VOL.  Made according to the formula provided by the World Health Organisation

300ml.  Liquid based (not gel).  Pre-order now, shipping from Tuesday April 14.  Please note, due to the large volume of orders recieved we will not be able to ship all orders on Tuesday - are amazing little team will be packing these as quickly as we can so that we can get them out to you as soon as possible!  We can currently only ship this within Australia.

You can sanitise your hands while also supporting two small Sydney based businesses! OCD and Saardé are neighbours at Precinct 75, in St Peters - a brilliant location for many creative small businesses.  When a community pulls together amazing things can happen!

Made In Sydney/Australia

When it is not producing hand sanitiser, OCD produces Premium Whiskey and Vodka – made by hand in Sydney and in small batches, using equal parts tradition and innovation. Traceable ingredients and barrels that show provenance. OCD is about the obsession of creating authentic spirits. 


Apply 5ml of product -approximately 1 teaspoon or 1 pump of a standard pump to the center of the palm

Rub vigorously, applying to all surfaces of hands - palms, between fingers, under nails, back of fingers, back of hand and back of thumb - for 20 seconds or until dry.  For visibly dirty hands use soap (we make a great one!) and water before applying this product.