About us

Factory One... we know the name is a little vague, but that is because there is no way to put all the awesomeness that goes on in this space into merely a few words. So being the first of several factories in our street, "Factory One" seemed the most obvious choice.
F1 was opened in July 2013 by award-winning photographer April Pyle. A professional photographer of 20 years, she left her very successful photography business in the NT Red Centre and moved to the lush green pastures of West Gippsland. April saw a great creative potential in this dirty old factory and decided to pursue her vision for it full of enthusiasm and ambition! Fast forward a few years of changing and rearranging, and we have F1 as it is now - a hub of ever evolving creative activity!
With industrial concrete floors, old brick walls and a high exposed ceiling our building takes on a life of its own, but step on to our floor, and the first thing you'll notice is a diverse range of beautiful home wares. Lovingly decorated and stocked with unique furniture pieces, pots & lush greenery, gorgeous cushions & throws, lighting, designer jewellery, handbags and fragranced candles that are all individually sourced from home and abroad.
The second thing that may catch your senses on our floor, would be the delicious aroma of freshly ground coffee in the air. For us nothing inspires creativity like good cup of coffee, soothes our stresses like a fragrant cup of herbal tea or warms our bellies like a rich hot chocolate. Feeding our caffeine addictions here in F1 is Zest Specialty Coffee roasters whose dedication and knowledge of the bean is astounding. Their passion, skill and commitment to quality through the journey from crop to the cup translates into truly amazing taste experience.
Factory One is a destination...come and visit us, we're only an hour from Melbourne.